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Anonymous reported: re: alum: just go on fucking grindr. If you insist on being straight then get tinder. If you want an "adventure buddy" there's always okcupid.

is that how indiana jones found Short Round

Anonymous reported: sometimes i cry after sex because i miss my dad


Anonymous reported: the wave of panic and faces of anguish in bass after the yso halloween show tickets came out was HILARIOUS

schadenfreude is always in style

we share the sentiment—we’re opting out of the YSO show this year for undisclosed reasons 

Anonymous reported: which whiffenpoof called the box office at 12:01AM to try to get a YSO Halloween Show ticket?

oooooooh sneaky 

somebody’s got their sneaky shoes on

Anonymous reported: i found out that someone i hooked up with ln has a gf...what do i do?

probably take them both to the Olive Garden in Orange, the obvious precursor to group sex

Anonymous reported: which senior had to call an uber to get back from east rock after twisting her ankle

we took an uber both to and from Olive Garden in Orange CT this weekend and let us tell you there is no finer experience than drinking a plastic bottle of ginger ale and cheap vodka in the back of a Hyundai driven by a man who knows way too much about multibrand restaurant operating corporations

side note: the olive garden in orange smells goddamn disgusting but the pasta bowls are literally never-ending so it’s kind of worth it

Anonymous reported: how do you join rumpus, also have u had the initiation yet? It sounds awesome!

does no one realize we have an email account and that this kind of drivel is neither applicable nor relevant to the vast majority of visitors to this website

but thx bb—and try

Anonymous reported: pierson seniors getting frisky in fabbri's entryway






Anonymous reported: Do most people stay on campus for fall break or go home?

attn: lil freshman

re: your insecurities


it doesn’t matter what other people do

you got 2 b tru 2 yrself

if you don’t believe us… believe this



Anonymous reported: Mama Rump, why is it so hard to meet people post-Yale? FMLAlumLyfe

probably because you’re still clinging onto your college days and lurking on yale internet things like this one