Rump Chat

The slimmer, sexier cousin of the Rumpus blog*.
Submit anonymous tips and get your campus gossip here. (If it's good enough, we'll even put your tips in our next issue.)

*No names will be published (defamation lawsuits, etc) without written consent of said person.

Anonymous reported: rumpus, where have all the loud attractive english people come from?

loud attractive england, maybe? could have something to do with the scottish referendum? idk we get all of our UK news from our sister publication, the London Review of Books

Anonymous reported: Rumpus I think the real reason no one's submitting to you is that everyone's too afraid to go out because the entire campus consistently smells like skunk spray

how did this happen what is this this is wrong and a huge problem

there was a pack of raccoons in our backyard the other day and it is becoming abundantly clear that new haven is being reclaimed by rodents plantet-of-the-apes style

it’s only a matter of time before they infiltrate the dining halls—we hear they love “my mother’s brisket”

Anonymous reported: What the fuck is St. Anthony Hall

at once a society, a company of foot leaders, and a place to get brunch

Anonymous reported: For the record, theres nothing I'd like LESS than personal emails from YCC staff. Get out of my inbox, I liked the "anonymous blue shield"

isn’t that a health insurance provider

Anonymous reported: Why is Rumpchat so slow this year?

because apparently no one except us goes out and gets weird anymore—time to take it upon yourself, anonymous, and go commit some kind of unspeakable violation of a campus laundry resource

or, better yet, keep a keen eye and a sharp ear and then drop us a line here

Anonymous reported: How would an enterprising freshman go about getting involved with rumpus

awww sweetheart send an email to bless your heart come over here you let me squeeze your cheek

Anonymous reported: You know that moment when you hook up with a guy and he makes reference to having slept with a priest and you realize you've both pseudo-dated the same seminarian, and then you text the story to your friend and the same thing happened to him when he used to live in Ireland?

ok now this is getting excessive. was this your admissions essay or something? time to move on, anon. either find a new hook-up story or go ramble on yale postsecret

Anonymous reported: FCC elections already getting brutal, annoying Calhoun freshmen went door to door announcing candidacy

ugggghhhhh don’t they realize that all the cool freshmen just make business cards when they want to advertise something no one gives a shit about


it’s your own damn fault for swiping right on tinder

Anonymous reported: Someone needs to come videotape Michael Herbert's conduct in MGT 505. I'm convinced it's performance art. Oh, and the YCC did *nothing* to get undergrads full credit for that class.

*Herbert Moates

also we’re only interested if it approaches Seedbed-level weirdness