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Sig Nu and Theta next monday

Anonymous reported: bass security guard over the intercom: "warrior 1 to warrior 3?" The fuck?


Anonymous reported: Spotted: I was walking on Old Campus with a friend and ran into the pasta throwers too! My friend thinks she saw a GIRL with an ORANGE JACKET peek out of a window before quickly going back inside.

What are Herbert and Motzkin planning to do about this pasta issue?

Anonymous reported: I think the pasta throwers were coming from Lawrance A or Farnam C, but you can't tell which. Even now the pasta's scattered on the floor in front of those two entryways

Is it cooked pasta? Raw pasta? Linguini or fettucini? 

Anonymous reported: Re: Chance the Rapper - Official word from his team is that he "expects a full recovery," and we can plan on seeing him this Saturday!


Anonymous reported: Chance the Rapper got sick and cancelled his show today. What happens if he can't make it to Spring Fling?

We’ll still be rolling

Anonymous reported: Which freshmen were throwing pasta out of their window this weekend? They had better weekends then I did :/

But that’s food. Why would you throw food out your window.

Anonymous reported: Which former YCC board member finished the college challenge last night with a Pierson boo?

Congratulations!!! Happy Weedster to all!

Anonymous reported: Spotted: two SY freshmen smoking a bowl in the Vandy/Street Hall courtyard, coughing up a storm, painfully oblivious to the 30 odd cameras trained on them since they are feet away from some of the world's most precious art.

It’s 4/20 duuuuuude

Anonymous reported: Which former YCC Board member is desperately seeking to make out with a guy in Pierson before graduation in order to complete the 12-college challenge?

Pierson guys!! Help this board member out!!