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Anonymous reported: when will decisions about YCC standing committees come out?

to be honest we know less about the structure of the YCC than we do about the cambodian parliament

but that’s mostly because the prime minister of cambodia is this stud:

Anonymous reported: How do you learn about naked parties? I've been waiting 3 years to show off this hot body.

that’s not really what it’s all about to be honest—have you ever been in a room with that many naked people? everyone just looks lumpy sorry it’s not hot at all

but there’s a panlist or something

Anonymous reported: why don't you guys post certain tips? whats up with this censorship

censorship? this isn’t yale postsecret we don’t just fucking churn out whatever garbage people put in our submit box

if you think this is censorship you should transfer to Yale-NUS

Anonymous reported: i heard that the creator of the sims has a kid here. is that true?

we, for one, were under the impression that the sims kids never grow up, never leave the house, and are very accident-prone

Anonymous reported: the girl i'm in love with is a republican and wears birkenstocks. i don't understand her. what do i do

uhhhh dude republicans have toes too this isn’t like Roald Dahl’s The Witches

Anonymous reported: A bit concerned by the sudden influx of food delivery campaigns across campus this week -- Foodler, then GrubHub... what's next? YaleDiningDelivers?

god if only

if you are a regular reader then you should know by now that we here at Rumpus are huge fans of Yale Dining and if it were possible to get kitchen sink cookies at all hours of the night we would freaking do it we wouldn’t ever sleep or leave our rooms and then we’d be on that show Hoarders and they’d come dig our corpses out from under 3 feet of ravioli w/ sage butter

Anonymous reported: What's going on tonight mama rump?

tonight? it’s a school night. do the dishes and go to bed early. and no staying up late reading comic books, young man

Anonymous reported: What's a lonely, introverted, nerdy senior to do for love?

love? there are some things money can’t buy. for everything else there’s penny drinks at Saturtoads and free prophylactics at the women’s center

Anonymous reported: CONFIRMED: the Greek yogurt I dining halls is actually sour cream

WHAT that’s insane you should probably make a documentary about it like Loose Change 

side note: apparently Loose Change had a soundtrack album called “The Beats of Loose Change” which is a beautiful intersection of fat beatzzz to shake to & insane conspiracy theories

just like getting down in the club, refuting the media’s account of 9/11 with nothing but your hips