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Anonymous reported: Is it even mildly true that a freshman cut his balls off?

Probably not but that would definitely be one thing that would force Yale Health to send an email to all of our parents

Anonymous reported: i hear yira elections were a shitshow today

Is anything about YIRA not a shitshow

Anonymous reported: whoa, is it just me or has ycc elections gotten nasty real fast? now i see why everyone was upset it was uncontested last year. not enough drama

Everyone come to the debate at 6 PM because shit’s gonna go down

Anonymous reported: When is Junior society tap night?


Anonymous reported: So you know the drugs email? Apparently, it's because some freshman tweaked out on acid literally cut his balls off last weekend. BUT ACTUALLY WHAT THE FUCK WHERE AM I.

We heard it was at a wolf of wall street themed party

Anonymous reported: Ah YCC elections - bringing out the Yale spirit in all of us like Eli-blue mold spots blooming on a piece of reeking cheese

We all get some new Twitter followers out of it though!!

Anonymous reported: is heroin a fucking problem at yale or are they TRYING to terrify our parents

Masking the real problem of BATH SALTS

Anonymous reported: Mama rump what're your thoughts on the Mr. Yale pageant/competition/show/thing?


Anonymous reported: ok rumpus WHAT is even going on and you KNOW what im talking about

SEriously!! There’s just so much DRAMA about all of this omg.