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Anonymous reported: Spotted: two SY freshmen smoking a bowl in the Vandy/Street Hall courtyard, coughing up a storm, painfully oblivious to the 30 odd cameras trained on them since they are feet away from some of the world's most precious art.

It’s 4/20 duuuuuude

Anonymous reported: Which former YCC Board member is desperately seeking to make out with a guy in Pierson before graduation in order to complete the 12-college challenge?

Pierson guys!! Help this board member out!!

Anonymous reported: silliman sophomore girl walking out of skull and bones on a friday afternoon

Gotta start that journey early 

Anonymous reported: who got VP?? what happens to herbert-moates if one wins but not the other??

Eliscovich got VP. Remains to be seen!

Anonymous reported: who won da election

run-off between Motzkin and Herbert

Anonymous reported: Overheard: a YCC presidential candidate just said to a friend in a dining hall: "I am a man of the people, and that includes the women of our campus, they can't get over me, but tonight I will select a special one" #delusional #you'reprobablygonnalose


Anonymous reported: Which sophomore BK girl pulls out her vibrator every time she hears the words "Sigma Alpha Epsilon"?

Is the vibrator purple, gold, and part of the 1%?

Anonymous reported: Which former Editor-in-Chief BK senior left his society's night at Mory's under the pretense of a "bathroom break" to come home and hang out with his pajama-clad sophomore girl neighbors?

Situations in which “bathroom break”can be used as an excuse to leave:

-Toad’s DFMO


-A birthday party

-Not your society gathering because they’ll expect you to come back duh

-Unfortunate frat house eager


Anonymous reported: Which former editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper just asked if it was spelled "editor and chief"?

Wasn’t everyone here EIC of their high school newspaper