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Anonymous reported: Which freshman sold brownies that basically incapacitated everybody who had one/landed a girl in the hospital?

Please don’t put PCP in your brownies we’re just tryna have a chill night dude

Anonymous reported: Who was fucking in Morse courtyard at 2am Saturday night? (or Sunday morning I guess)

Definitely one way to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Anonymous reported: Whats the forecast for the next week and were do i acquire this information

Consult your palm reader

Anonymous reported: who was the guy with the gun trying to get into sae, and who was the freshman pimp who tackled him to the ground


Anonymous reported: is there someone we can contact if we really want to be in a society and didn't make it in to any?

Put a sign around your neck, stand on Cross Campus handing out your resume to passersby, and round up any spare change to make a charitable donation to the society of your choice. 

Anonymous reported: FUCK YOU SO MUCH

We have like three of these in our inbox right now and for once they’re not directed at us. #society

Anonymous reported: is it possible to be tapped for a society you've never even interviewed for? if we haven't gotten invites/pre-taps by now, should we just assume we won't be doing society senior year?

Yes, no.

Anonymous reported: Couple in Calhoun DH: it's too fucking early for that level of PDA. Stop it, I'm just trying to enjoy my cereal in peace.

Were they wearing goldman hats?

Anonymous reported: so no pre-taps = no taps, right?

nope, doesn’t work that way.

Anonymous reported: What society's board is asking for a more 'affluent' and less 'diverse' tap class this year?

…… you mean it’s going to get worse?

we know some affluent and not diverse people that still need taps so glad to know someone’s looking out for them