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Anonymous reported: ok rumpus WHAT is even going on and you KNOW what im talking about

SEriously!! There’s just so much DRAMA about all of this omg.

Anonymous reported: how am I supposed to feel better about not getting tapped rumpmama, when there are some truly heinous people getting in?

Know that everyone is talking about how awful they are (because they are).

Anonymous reported: Which YCC presidential hopeful is running on a eugenics platform?

Are we starting already with the slander?

Anonymous reported: The reason LSD was included, and probably the reason the email was sent in the first place, was because there was a Freshman that had a mental breakdown while on LSD a few days ago. He had to go to the hospital and left carnage in his entryway.

Regardless, LSD and heroine should not lumped together in the same group. 

Anonymous reported: Okay, what is up with this Yale Health email putting LSD, cocaine, and heroin of all things in the same category?

Because whether you show up with a broken bone, strep, or back pain at Yale Health, they’ll just give you a bored look and send you home.

Anonymous reported: the GSer's dilemma: do you take the $5k at the cost of a B on your transcript + your integrity as a person?

A real Sophie’s choice

Anonymous reported: Heard a society tried to break into the Book & Snake tomb last night.. Do you know who it was?

Nope but Rumpus broke in years ago so whatever

Anonymous reported: which D'porters did laps last night around the courtyard in tightie whities? somebody lost a bet?

No I think it’s this thing called society?

Anonymous reported: when are YCC elections coming up? i hear things will get juicyyyyy

Campaigning starts April 10th, stay tuned for our election coverage

Anonymous reported: Are the spring fling t-shirt designs real or a stunt by the pundits?

Rumpus hopes the pundits put in a candidate for YCC elections