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Anonymous reported: omg Rump can u also track our ip addresses and shit like American Airlines claimed they did to that twitter threat girl?? i don't need any more enemiez at this school tbh

We’ve tried but there are simply too many of you visiting the site every day. Anonymous is anonymous. 

Anonymous reported: Got the list of new taps rumpmama; Boners, Puppies, and SK'ers?

We’re working on it

preliminary reports say that everyone sucks

Anonymous reported: When/where is mr. Yale pageant I missed it last year and need to be there this time I NEED THIS

Wed. 16th!!! don’t know what time but we’re judging. 

Anonymous reported: Who is in the big six societies rump mama????

Oh fuck you we’re not expanding this to the big “six” literally go fuck yourself

Anonymous reported: Morse freshman did not cut his balls off but he was naked and did cut himself

Moral of the story is still avoid PCP

Anonymous reported: Is it even mildly true that a freshman cut his balls off?

Probably not but that would definitely be one thing that would force Yale Health to send an email to all of our parents

Anonymous reported: i hear yira elections were a shitshow today

Is anything about YIRA not a shitshow

Anonymous reported: whoa, is it just me or has ycc elections gotten nasty real fast? now i see why everyone was upset it was uncontested last year. not enough drama

Everyone come to the debate at 6 PM because shit’s gonna go down

Anonymous reported: When is Junior society tap night?