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Anonymous reported: Rumpus, you know how for Last Chance Dance someone runs a system where people put in names for people they want to hook up with and cross-reference them with others' lists? Can you make a system like this, but not when use only when it's too late?

Why would this ever be our responsibility 

Anonymous reported: Note from bathroom frenemy: Yes I stole your tampons, they were delicious.

Well, there you go.

Anonymous reported: I would like to clarify that pasta gate came from Farnam. I saw someone throwing pasta from her room.


Anonymous reported: rumpus who the actual fuck were those girls twerking on the table with diplo? def not yale girls

One of them was!! GO CLIPKAAAAAA

Anonymous reported: Hey, rumpus! In past posts this year your responses have been really awesome about shutting down some of the misogynistic things that people say, and I (as well as others I've spoken to about RumpChat) have really appreciated it. But your response to the most recent post (the one about tampons) offends me, because it seems that you are connecting this person's discontent to PMS or other "female problems". An assumption that's pretty unnecessary and illogical, if you ask me.


No jfc, we’re just saying that female sanitary products are really expensive and that if someone steals yours without asking you have all the reasons in the world for considering that person your enemy. Go redirect your anger towards Tampax, okay?

Anonymous reported: can't wait for next year so i can get the hell away from my bathroom frenemy. just saying.

Did he/she steal your tampons or something?

Anonymous reported: Would like to clarify that PastaGate was definitely a product of Lawrance A and not Farnam C. Would also like to ask who the fuck throws pasta at passersby in complete silence? Like damn at least have some laughter to accompany your uncooked rigatoni

Oh, so it was rigatoni! Thank you for clearing that up, we really have been wondering.

Anonymous reported: can we call the bass masturbators bassturbators?

bassturbator: 1) one who masturbates in a Bass cubicle 2) one who can only get off by bragging about being in Bass at least 40 hours a week

Anonymous reported: Jewish girl here with a huge lady boner for one of the single Jewish SigEp boys. Help a ילדה out Rump?

Lol which one there are so many

Anonymous reported: Email to library staff: Hello all,There are creepy/terrible people out there doing creepy/terrible things. If someone (a patron, a co-worker, me) is harassing you or otherwise making you feel uncomfortable, please let one of us know about it. If you at any time you feel unsafe, please don't hesitate to call security. (Interesting...)

Are the bass masturbators finally getting shut down?