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Anonymous reported: Which [redacted] society member said poor people don't do society because they don't meet rich people at Yale?

hahahahaha this society is fucked. though isn’t being a poor a diversity point now? fill your quotas guys.

Anonymous reported: i just got tapped for bones. i hope people like me now.

No, they don’t

Anonymous reported: which junior girl in calhoun is using the squeakiest stylus to highlight on her ipad in Bass late night? Ugh please stahp it is killing meeee


people use styluses on their iPads? no why this is why everybody hates us

Anonymous reported: Yale senior thesis (n.): A lofty intellectual pursuit, begun with high aspirations at the end of junior year, that requires endless hours during the prime of senior year, gallons of sweat and tears, and the agony of disenchantment with one's primary interest. Results in a nicely-bound, 50-page paper that will be read by two people.

We’ll take your gallons of sweat and tears to for a little post-workout hydration and you can send us a copy of your thesis to fix the crooked table in the rumpus office

Anonymous reported: yale men's basketball in the finals of the cit tournament #marchmadness(kind of)

Do we get free food if they win

what about a party

Anonymous reported: what night is tap nite for junior societies?

Not sure—maybe a week after tap for seniors?

Anonymous reported: where r u guys

Starr but it’s closing soon ugh. see u in bass?

Anonymous reported: hey rump, i hear [redacted] just tapped their token minorities. yale is such a just and diverse place. gotta love societies

just know that your mother still loves you, anonymous. 

Anonymous reported: Hey rumpus, which society's has a tap member whose parents paid $1 million dollars to get them in? #legacyprivilege

we’re currently reading a book subtitled “THE RISE of the NEW GLOBAL SUPER-RICH and the FALL of EVERYONE ELSE” soooo 

Anonymous reported: How many junior societies are there?


before you guys start bitching about this:

- Skyphos

- Boliche

- Praetorian

- S&M

- Citadel

- Symposium

- Asylum